Where function counts.

More than just a printers’. The envegroup subsidiary enve PRINT SERVICES GmbH is an international printing service with expertise in the fields of packaging and mailing envelopes, labels, multiple copy documents, organisation and business printed items and special printing for marketing activities.

Company goal: to be a quality leader as a service provider in the creative printing industry, offering customers efficient solutions and better results through the sustainable optimisation of service and communication processes.


The 5 fields of business

  • Optics: production of glasses cases and dispatch packaging for lenses, repair packs and combination products with delivery slip and invoice.

  • Logistics: production of shipping and consignment documents and labels with personalisation, coding and stamps as well as production of dispatch packaging.

  • Organisation pre-printed forms: development and production of all kinds of pre-printed forms (batch or individual, as individual documents or multiple copies) e.g. with integrated or  affixed labels and thin plastic cards.

  • Print management: production, delivery, packing and international dispatch of printed business items such as business cards, writing paper, envelopes, stickers, writing blocks etc. Electronic data interface with our customers (e.g. SAP) and our web-to-print platform direct flow create an efficient ordering and invoicing process. Media databases ensure the exemplary implementation of corporate design specifications and enable the automation of changes. Inventory management transfers and the provision of statistics are a daily occurrence for us.

  • Promotion print products: development and production of printed advertising products such as stickers, scratch cards, 3D glasses, pop-ups, slide charts, magnetic etc.

Conclusion: significant print order >> envegroup!